CFP GlobalSIP 2019 All Symposia

Symposia Paper Submissions

Prospective authors are invited to submit full-length papers (up to 4 pages for technical content including figures and possible references, and with one additional optional 5th page containing only references) and extended abstracts (up to 2 pages, for paperless industry presentations and Ongoing Work presentations) via the GlobalSIP 2019 conference website. Manuscripts should be original (not submitted/published anywhere else) and written in accordance with the standard IEEE double-column paper template. The accepted abstracts will not be indexed in IEEE Xplore, however the abstracts and/or the presentations will be included in the IEEE SPS SigPort. Accepted papers and abstracts will be scheduled in lecture and poster sessions.

Please submit your Symposia Submissions on EDAS


Symposia Listing

Machine Learning in Multimedia Communication

  • General Chairs: Sebastian Bosse (Fraunhofer Berlin), Johannes Balle (Google)

Artificial Intelligence for Future Wireless Communication

  • General Chairs: Chuan Zhang (Southeast U, China), Jienan Chen (Shanghai U)

Signal Processing Challenges in Modern Radio Astronomy

  • General Chairs: Gregory Hellbourg (Curtin U, Australia), Ian Morrison (Curtin U, Australia), Amit Mishra (U Cape Town), Gelu Nita (NJIT), Ricjhard Prestage (U West Va)

Deep Learning for Healthcare Engineering

  • General Chair: Zun Chen (USTC)
  • Technical Chairs: Jane Wang (UBC), Shun Miao (PingAn U), Mehdi Moradi (IBM)

Signal Processing Advances for Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access in Future Wireless Networks

  • General Chair: Zheng Ma (RIT, Sweden)
  • Technical Chairs: Wen Cheng (Shanghai Jiaotong), ZHiguo Ding (Manchester U), Yan Chen (Huawei), Gang Liu (Southwest U)

Graph Signal Processing

  • General Chairs: Gonzalo Mateos (U Rochester), Santiago Segarra (Rice), Sundeep Prabhaka Cepuri (IISc)

Advanced Bio-Signal Processing and Machine Learning for Assistive and Neuro-Rehabilitation Systems

  • General Chairs: Dario Farina (Imperial), Svetlana Yanushkevich (U Calgary), Konstantinos Plataniotis (U Toronto)

Tensor Methods for Signal Processing and Machine Learning

  • General Chairs: Xiao Fu (Oregon State), Panos Markopoulos (RIT), Evangelos Papalexakis (UCR)
  • Technical Chairs: Fauzia Ahmad (Temple), Remy Boyer (U Lille), Andre de Almeida (U Ceara) Kejun Huang (UF), Dimitris Pados (FAU)

Machine Learning, Optimization and Security for Future Energy Delivery Systems

  • General Chairs: Mahnoosh Alizadeh (UCSB), Josh Taylor (UofT), Anna Scaglione (ASU)

Non-Orthogonal Multiple Access

  • General Chair: Shahram Shahbazpanahi (Ontario IT)

Signal/Information Processing and AI for Finance and Business

  • General Chairs: Xiao-Ping Zhang (Ryerson), Kumar Bhasakaran (IBM Watson)

Signal Processing for Human Machine Learning Systems

  • General Chairs: Aditya Vempaty (Xio Research), Bhavya Kailkhura (Lawrence Livermore), Pramo Varshney (Syracuse U)
  • Technical Chairs: Sijia Liu (IBM), Jayaraman Thiagarajan, (Lawrence Livermore), Qunwei Li, (Lawrence Livermore)

Signal and Information Processing for Person-centered and Citizen-centered Smart Living

  • General Chairs: Sethuraman panchanathan (ASU), Abdulmotaleb El Saddik (U Ottawa)
  • Technical Chairs: Konstantinos Plataniotis (U Toronto), Anup Basu (U Alberta), Troy McDaniel (ASU), Hemanth Venkateswara (ASU)

Intelligent Wireless Security Provisioning for 5G and Beyond

  • General Chairs: Xianbin Wang, (Western U), He Fang (Western U), Stefano Tomasin (U Padova)

Machine learning for Wireless Communications, Networking, and Security

  • General Chairs: Silvija Kokalj-Filipovic (Perspecta Labs), Tim O’Shea (DeepSig & Virginia Tech, Yalin E. Sagduyu (Intelligent Automation), Yi Shi (Virginia Tech and Intelligent Automation), George Stantchev (NRL), Osman Yagan (CMU)

Signal Processing and Machine Learning for Social Good

  • General Chairs: Daphney–Stavroula Zois (U Albany), Charalampos Chelmis (U Albany) Technical Chairs: Theodora Chaspari (TAMU), Reihaneh Rabbany (McGill), Yasin Yilmaz (USF)